Find 3D Tree models that save you time !

Looking for 3D tree models to help get your project finished ? All the 3D models in this library are designed for ease of use. My first priority when I build a new model is to save you time ! Thanks to years of experience building 3D assets I've learnt how to develop Out-of-the box, Ready to Render High Quality models. In all my projects I strive for a high degree of realism. Each one is fully researched so the resulting models have realistic scale and proportions. The high resolution textures are all hand-crafted. A lot of care and attention goes into anything I make public. I want you to have the the best possible user experience. That's why I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Everything is sold under a simple royalty free license. Payment and downloading is simple and fast. Looking for something ? Use the SEARCH box above !
Saves you time !

These royalty free models save you time and money ! All models are certified by a 100% quality guarantee.

Easy to use !

I work hard to make your life easy ! All models are ready to use. You can have total confidence in these ready-made 3D models.

Instant models !

3D models when you need them ! In just a few clicks you're up and running ! You get immediate and unlimited access to your downloads.

3D Plants Collection

3d plants collection – This is a set of 5 plant models with decorative pots, set in a courtyard scene. Fully detailed, textured & realistic polygonal models of plant species, suitable for indoor or outdoor…

3D Low Poly Ash Trees

A great model of some ash trees. Handy for quickly populating exterior scenes. These are low polygon models designed to be polygon efficient. Great for architectural rendering or real-time applications. There are two different heights…

3D Birch Trees

A Set of two 3D birch trees. There are two different heights and shapes: 6,5m and 9m. These are low polygon models designed to be polygon efficient. Handy for quickly populating exterior scenes. Great for…

3D Palm Trees

This is a set of 14 palm tree models in 4 different stages of growth. Fully detailed, textured & realistic polygonal model of 3D Palm Trees. Growth range: small, medium and full grown palm trees…

3D Olive Tree

A great model of an olive tree. handy for both interior and exterior scenes. The V-Ray settings are setup for reasonably fast rendering – useful for time saving ! Ready to drop into any scene…

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