3D Generic Car

This is a realistic model of a generic car. The design relates to no specific brand or make of car.
You can easily upgrade the body paintwork using the supplied photoshop texture files.
With the photoshop textures you can also modify the amount of dirt or mud.
This is a polygon efficient / low polygon model and includes a medium detail interior.
The V-Ray settings are setup for fast rendering.
This model is designed to make your life simple – just open the scene and start rendering !

Carefully detailed and cleanly structured objects.
Fully detailed – High definition texture maps.
Real world scale and exact proportions.
Multiple file formats including 3ds Max scanline version with no lighting.


• Professional quality model designed for ease of use – No cleaning up necessary, just open your model and start rendering !
• Realistic and correctly scaled !
• Excellent polygon & texture efficiency !
• Easy scene management – 3ds Max models grouped or attached for easy selection & objects are logically named !
• UV’s & textures fully applied. Carefully modeled polygonal structure using mostly quads !